If you have read the homepage, then you will know that I have been surrounded by horses from a very young age. For me, horses are the best animal on this planet. Below I would like to give you some of the main reasons as to why I love horses so much.


They Are Inspirational

Horses are beautiful creatures. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but horses have been inspirational for poets and artists throughout the century. When I see a herd of horses running through a field, I cannot help but stop and watch them – there is nothing quite like a horse in full flight. Horses, in my opinion, are living forms of art that remind us about the wonderful world of nature.

They Are Fun

Some of the best times that I had as a child was when I was with my horses and friends. We would spend hours at the barn, at times pretending that we were horses too. Other times we would take the horses out and pretend that we were being chased by an enemy and had to try and outrun them. Yeah, I know it sounds silly, but these are fond memories of my childhood. Horses allow kids to be kids.

They Improve Mental Health and Help You to Relax

I have horses because I love to ride them, but this is not the only reason why I have horses. To be honest with you, even if I did not ride, I would still have horses as I love to be around them. Horses help me to relax and they seem to know when you are feeling down. When I was a kid, horses meant fun with my friends, but now they are a tranquilizer that can help to improve my mood and decrease my blood pressure.

They Provide a Sense of Freedom and Power

Horses give us the ability to free ourselves from the limitations that our body imposes on us. Are you weak and frail? Are you short and dumpy? Jump on the back of a horse and you will be freed from any weaknesses. Having done voluntary work for a therapy riding school, I have seen the power of horses firsthand. We would push wheelchair users into the barn and carefully put them on a horse and then muscles that did not work before would suddenly start to move to the horse’s movement. Children that have spent their whole lives in a wheelchair could actually move more on a horse. I know it is temporary, but it was still great to see.


They Will Teach You About Yourself

Horses see us for who we are – they do not care one bit if we are the President of the United States or janitor at a school. When you have a relationship with a horse, there really is no room for an ego. You need to earn a horse’s respect and you need to be honest with yourself and them.

They Provide Friendship between Species

Those of us who have had a friendship with a horse will totally understand what I am getting at here. I have had my 25-year-old mare for most of her life and we share a strong bond. She has been by my side for most of my life-changing events – my first child and the death of my mother. We have spent countless hours together and I never get fed up of seeing her excitement when I head to the barn in the morning. I love her to bits; she is my best friend.