Horse racing, as a sport, is something that has been very popular for centuries in countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, France, America, the Middle East, and Ireland. Below we shall take a much closer look at the countries where horse racing has become a huge attraction.


United Kingdom

Horse racing just so happens to be one of the oldest sports in the United Kingdom as well as one of the most popular. In fact, when you compare spectator sports in the United Kingdom, the only sport that has more spectators is football. There are races held each day throughout the year, and the races that draw the biggest crowds are the Epsom Derby, Grand National, and the Royal Ascot. One of the main reasons why horse racing is loved in Britain is that it is a very good sport to place bets on, and the British really enjoy sports betting. Horse racing can be exciting to watch when you have no bets on it, but when you place a bet and put your hard-earned money on the line, then everything becomes that little bit more exciting.


The Irish, like their British neighbors, adore horse racing. This is a sport that has a deep history in Ireland, and it has become a big part of their society and culture. When it comes to developing and training horses, Ireland is a major world force and has produced some of the best trainers that they world has ever seen. Additionally, some of best jockeys ever have hailed from the Emerald Isle and this includes the likes of Tony McCoy, Pat Eddery, Ruby Walsh, and Michael Kinane. There are many big races in Ireland during the course of the year, and the biggest ones are the Irish Champion Stakes, Irish Derby, Irish 2000 Guineas, Irish 1000 Guineas, and Irish Oaks. The Irish also really enjoy betting on this sport - as a matter of fact, you will probably find it really hard to find an Irish adult that has not bet on a horse race at one stage in their life.

Middle East

Racing is huge in the United Arab Emirates, but betting on it is not possible as gambling is prohibited in this part of the world for religious reasons. Dubai is the place where horse racing is loved the most in the UAE, and the Dubai World Cup takes place here. This prestigious race is one of the most lucrative in the horse racing world as the winning gets to take home a staggering $25 million. If you think that horse racing is new to the Middle East, then you are wrong as this is a sport that can be traced back centuries here. The main horse race is the Meydan and this takes place in the desert and is well-known thanks to the grandstand that is a mile long.



We are not exaggerating in the slightest when we say that horse racing is one of the most entertaining sports in Australia. Out of the sports that are really popular in Australia, on rugby and football attracts more of an audience than horse racing. Throughout Australia, you can come across around 300 racetracks, which is more than any other country. Most races that take place here are flat races, but you will be able to watch some jump racing in places such as South Australia and Victoria. What’s the biggest horse race in Australia? Well, it has to be the Melbourne Cup as when this race is being run the whole country stops to watch it. The Australian horse racing industry earns around $100 billion every year through betting.


When it comes to the continent of Europe, there is no doubt that France leads the way for horse racing. There are many huge races that take place here, and the Prix de l’Arc is the most popular. This is the second most lucrative horse race in the world and takes place at Longchamp Racecourse in Paris. Other big horse races include the Prix de Diane, Prix du Jockey, as well as the Grand Prix de Paris.


Horse racing is a very large spectator sport in America, and it can be traced all the back to the 1600s. Over the course of the centuries this sport has become one of America’s most popular, and there are now plenty of racetracks across the country that can fit around 100,000 racing fans. The horse racing industry is estimated to be worth around $115 million in the United States. Some of the country’s biggest races take place in New York, Maryland, and Kentucky.