It is fair to say that no horse breed out there is absolutely perfect for beginners, but there are some that have certain attributes that make them a lot more suitable than others. I have loved horses for as long as I can remember, and I have owned a wide variety of horse breeds over the last three decades or so. If you are thinking about getting your first horse, then I really recommend that you consider starting with one of the following breeds.


American Quarter Horse

This is the number one horse breed in the United States and it is also a very popular horse in the United Kingdom. This breed of horse is great for beginners because they have an even temperament. However, I must stress that they can be a bit too energetic at times. If we put their spritely spirit to the side, their other main attributes such as dexterity, adaptability, and reliability make then a fantastic horse for beginners.


This breed has a bit of a reputation as being hot-headed. They were bred to be used in war so are known for the speed, strength, and endurance. However, despite this reputation of theirs, the majority of Arabians are trustworthy and quiet. Quiet horses are great for beginners are they are far less likely to spook if a startling situation arises. In general, geldings are the calmest and are really good beginner horses.

American Paint

This breed has a lot of American quarter horse in them. They are known for having an easygoing and calm temperament and for being very social animals. They will usually form very strong bonds with people and have no issue with being around children. Furthermore, they are a very intelligent breed of horse, so you will have no problem training them. Overall, you will have no regrets if you decide to get an American Paint as your first horse.


If you are looking for a great family horse, then this is the breed that you should get. These horses are social, attentive, and have a desire to please whoever is looking after them. For beginners, they are very forgiving horses and they are fast to follow any commands that are made. This breed of horse is simple to look after and they do not usually suffer from any health issues.

Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse

This is a gaited breed of horse, which means that they walk with a four-beat hoof movement which makes for a much smoother ride. When you are sitting on the back of one of these your body will hardly move, and it will feel like the horse has to put in no effort at all. This is why these horses are popular among older people and those who suffer with joint issues. This breed is also known for having a gentle temperament.


Icelandic Horse

This breed of horse is sure-footed, resistant to harsh environments, and live a long time. They actually descend from Shetland ponies so have a small stature that makes them a little bit less imposing to those who do not have a lot of experience with horses. They are also a gaited breed, so you will have a comfortable ride whenever you are sitting on the back of one.


This breed has a quiet demeanor that beginners love. They also forgive any mistakes that a beginner makes pretty quickly and will often remain steady and calm. However, one downside for some new horse riders might be their size. They are a huge breed of horse and many new horse riders will find them to be quite intimidating. However, once you have got over their size, you will quickly realize how friendly they are and that they would not harm a fly.