All of us remember#s the very first pet that we had. Whether it was a goldfish that did pretty much nothing all day or a dog that loved nothing more than to play fetch whenever you have some spare time, you will never forget your first pet. While most peoples’ first pet will be a fish, dog, or cat, mine was a horse. My family lived on a farm and to get a horse of my own was the best gift ever. Now, three decades later, I still love horses and I am going to tell you why horses make great pets.


Nothing Matches Their Sheer Beauty

I am not saying that cats and dogs are not beautiful – in my opinion, every animal on the planet has its own unique beauty. However, in my eyes, there is no animal that is as beautiful as a horse. I challenge you to find something better than watching a horse run around and play in its pastures. Horses are big animals, but they are delicate and striking creatures. Whether you have been surrounded by horses all of your life or have just come across one for the first time, you will never be able to get over just how beautiful they are.

You Can Ride Horses

This might sound obvious and simple, but if you sit down and think about it for a bit, you will realize that it is something that makes horses extremely special. Other domestic animals have their own qualities, but horses are the only domestic animals that their owners can ride. Horse riding is diverse as there are different kinds of riding and there are even different kinds of saddles for the different types of riding. You can go on a lovely horse ride along a trail or compete in a horse show. The ability to ride a horse gives it an edge over other domestic pets.

Horses Are Diverse

Horses, like other types of pets, come in different sizes and shapes. It might surprise you to hear that there are more than 1,000 horse breeds. You are spoiled for choice when it comes to color too. In America, thoroughbred horses have become really popular thanks to big horse races such as the Kentucky Derby. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a horse, there is a wide variety for you to choose from.


They Have a Long Life

Horses have a longer life than most other domestic animals. Their average lifespan is anywhere between 25 and 30 years, although this can vary depending on the breed that you have. This long life means that you have plenty of time to form a bond and connection with your horse that is not possible with a domestic animal with a shorter lifespan.

Horse Showing & Family

Horse showing is something that have been in my family for generations. My great granddad owned horses, my grandfather passed his dad’s love for horses to my mom, and she then passed her love of horses onto me and my sister. Since we were young, me and my sister have been competing in horse shows and it has helped us to form a strong bond. Like all siblings, we do not always get along, but horse riding is something that we could talk to each other for hours about.

They Are More Than a Pet

In my opinion, horses are more than a pet. I always treat horses as if they are people, not animals. Every horse has its own characteristics and personality. Believe me when I say that no two horses are the same. It really is amazing how different one horse can be from another. I know that you are probably sitting there shouting at the screen that cats and dogs have their own personalities too, and I am not disagreeing with you. I just believe that horses are the best pets that one can have.